Joint lecturer

(PKU-NUS Double Degree MFE Program)

Guest lecturer

(National University of Singapore)

(SJTU-NUS Double Degree MQF Program)

Teaching assistant

(National University of Singapore)

Teaching Feedbacks

(From Strengths part and NOMINATION FOR TEACHING AWARDS part)

  • “He is amongst the best TAs I have had this semester. He was very engaging and conducted the tutorials well.”

  • “One of the better economics TAs I’ve encountered. He has really good understanding of concepts, every class he awards extra class part points for his extra questions.”

  • “His ability to explain complex concepts and models in a very understandable manner. He also puts in the effort to make his tutorials engaging and provides advice on how to tackle the exams.”

  • “Good at explaining concepts partial engaging knows his stuff well approachable enhances students thinking with extra questions.”

  • “Explain the question in a mathematical way and be willing to challenge us with alternative question setting”

  • “Explains well, very concise and effective.”

  • “He comes up with alternative scenarios to which the content can be applied. He makes sure to be fair and gives everyone a chance to participate, this is very good.”

  • “He is very approachable and helpful, and also tries his best to help the students. He did encourage me to class participate more and also do better for finals. His lessons are also engaging. Thank you!”

  • “Patient when explaining concepts and always want students to think further than what was provided and taught in lectures.”

  • “He is approachable and patient in explaining concepts to us.”

  • “He goes beyond to ask us additional questions to stimulate our thinking.”

  • “Provides additional questions related to the tutorial qns.”

  • “Able to give further explanation on top of the solutions given which gave me a better understanding of the topic.”

  • “He provides deeper, higher level thinking for us to learn more.”

  • etc.